Do You Know The Causes Of Back Pain?

Back Pain Causes

The Back Pain is one of the major ailments and is causing much harm to a large number of people. Back Pain hinders the effective way of living of the people who have suffered it or are suffering it.

It can be a cause for many people in the United States today. Back pain, in an overall health person also, may cause much discomfort and uneasiness. It is kind of pain that originates in the back bone and spinal column and often reaches the neck. Interrupting in the day to day activities, Back Pain is one of the Worst Pains. Pain in neck, upper back pain and lower back pain are the sub categories of the back pain. Most often, the back pain is caused due to some serious or minor injuries of the past.

The most common form of the back pain is the pain in the lower back. It is experienced by a large number of people. The Common Back Pain Causes or Lower Back Pains are Swelling or Inflammation. Poor posture can also be a cause of back pain. The pain in the lower pain many be very annoying. This may be a continuous or intermittent.

Pain in back may also be felt due to abnormalities in the organs like pelvis or abdomen or chest. Such pain is called as referred pain. Improper or faulty postures while working out in the gym can also contribute to back pain.

Some of the Reasons for Back Pain are mentioned below:

  • Ruptured Disc: A ruptured or reared inter vertebral disc can be a common back pain causes. It is also called as herniated disc. Treating the herniated disc can be different for different people and it may depend on different situation.
  • Lumbar Muscle Strain: Lumbar muscle strains are one of the most common reasons for back pain. Muscle strains are so common that the people experiencing it may not even remember the exact event when their muscles strained. The back pain caused by the lumbar muscle strain can be cured within few weeks if effective treatment is provided.
  • Osteoporosis: It can cause back pain much often. As osteoporosis weakens bones and can lead to fractures and major pain in the bones, especially back bone.
  • Discogenic Back Pain: The discogenic back pain is also a common back pain cause. It is caused as a result of the damage or harm to the inter-vertebral disc without disc herniated. The discogenic back pain may be diagnosed by the use of a discogram.

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